Webinar: Let’s talk digital

Vær med torsdag den 11. juni, når DAPPs partner Oxfam IBIS afholder webinaret “Using Technology to Foster Youth Employment", hvor blandt andre grundlæggerne af de to arabiske tech-organisationer Basharsoft og Leaders of Tomorrow deltager.

Digitalisation and innovation have become an increasingly important approaches to promote youth employment and entrepreneurship. On the one hand, using technology in youth employment programs can be transformative and help provide solutions for job creation and employability.

On the other hand, using technology can also be expensive, time-consuming and limited to specific youth segments in society. Thus, how can we use technology effectively and responsibly to promote youth employment? And what are the key challenges and opportunities digital solutions can provide to create jobs and enhance youth employability skills in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis?

The webinar “Using Technology to Foster Youth Employment” is part of a webinar series established by Oxfam IBIS to foster learning and capacity building of YPE partners and other DAPP partners too. The setup is mixed between presentations and showcase of the organizations work followed by Q&A on the discussed topic.

To tackle the questions on key challenges and opportunities, we are looking forward to hosting two distinguished speakers, Ameer Sherif, Basharsoft CEO and Dr. Sami Hourani, Leaders of Tomorrow CEO.

Basharsoft and Leaders of Tomorrow are partner organisations in the Youth Participation and Employment (YPE) Programme in Egypt and Jordan. Both organisations are utilising digital solutions to support youth economic opportunities and enhance youth employability skills. The speakers will reflect on their organisational experience of using digital solutions to promote youth employment and address above mentioned questions.

Join the webinar by following this link.