Hvad handler det om?

In 2010 a group of young women bloggers from the Middle East, North Africa and Denmark met through two workshops in Cairo and Amman. Besides various interactions, the workshops developed into a shared virtual space.

Participants are young women bloggers from Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Bahrain and Denmark.

Besides various interactions, the workshops developed into this shared virtual space.

Bloggers participating in the project pounce into cyber space with different approaches; it is a space where the political blends with the personal, and where the fictional emerges from the non fictional.

This group shows how digital media provide a creative space for processes of self-expression that can be transformational, a gateway ripe with insight into aspects of life previously not accessible to us.

This project holds all these possibilities; encounters, cross-cutting self expression endeavors, friendships across borders, insight into each others lives, collective art-making and more.

The women bloggers project is initiated by Danish PEN, the Danish Center for Information on Gender, Equality and Ethnicity and the Danish Center for Culture and Development.

This project is not about celebrating blogging or dialogue per se, but rather about the constant possibilities that emerge from both. Imagination is its guiding engine. But this project is also about finding some sun to sit in while getting to know each other.

About the individual meetings and what can emerge from these.

This project is even about a fantastic, intelligent, creative and unlimited group of people who share a love for expressing themselves. We talk a lot, we write a lot, we share a lot, discuss, think, dream, teach and learn together and from each another.

So this project is about exchanging ideas? Well, its about learning new ways of expression and new ways of organizing ourselves as women. Women?

We are women sharing experiences in a cross-cultural communication, women connecting, hopefully inspiring other bloggers to connect with us and each other.

Where do these others fit into the picture? Well, this project is about networking, inspiring, experimenting and going out of ordinary into the extraordinary.

Everybody can do this. We who started this blog have all been lucky enough to go through a process where we have changed our perception of something, we’ve traveled physically to meet each other in strange surroundings, and we went home more inspired to blog more, with more knowledge of what other women do and why they do it.

This blog should be a condensation of all of this, all of these different people that we are, and our blogging activity and what it gives us and what it gives you.