Danida søger seniorrådgiver til DAPP-kontoret i Tunesien

Som rådgiver skal du lede kontoret i Tunis med 3 medarbejdere og de planlagte aktiviteter, der har fokus på at sikre de økonomiske muligheder for unge sammen med regeringspartnere, eksterne organisationer og civilsamfundsgrupper. Du har solid erfaring med relaterede udviklingsprogrammer og er samtidig en god og erfaren kommunikator, der kan arbejde på tværs af organisationer og kulturer og skabe opbakning.

The Danish Arab Partnership Programme (DAPP) has since 2003 supported development of
democratic, prosperous and stable communities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA-region) while also enhancing dialogue, cooperation and mutual understanding between
Danish and Arab partners.

DAPP is a regional initiative building on synergies between
countries and engagements. DAPP has as a key objective to support Danish-Arab

The DAPP Technical Advisory Offices (TAOs) is an instrumental part in
achieving this. Hence, the TAOs play a key role in supporting and promoting DAPP activities
and partnerships in the DAPP focus countries to ensure a high quality in DAPP engagements
as well as a high degree of flexibility to be able to cater for a fast-changing region.

The main purpose of the TAO is to promote and support the implementation of DAPP and to
ensure that Danish support meets the DAPP objectives. The TAO works to facilitate the
cooperation between Danish and Tunisian partners and assists as needed in order to secure
successful implementation of projects and to further Danish-Tunisian dialogue.

The TAO also works to ensure that the Danish engagement is coordinated and in synergy with other donors engagement. TAO Tunis has an administrative responsibility for DAPP interventions in
Tunisia under the auspices of the MENA Department in the MFA in Copenhagen.

The TAO office in Tunisia was established in 2011. The office currently consists of one senior
advisor, two local staff and one driver.

The main task of the Senior Technical Advisor (STA) will be to head the TAO office in Tunis.
The STA will be the main focal point for DAPP in Tunisia and the key entry point of DAPP
partners in Tunisia. The STA ideally has experience working with programmes related to civic
engagement, responsive governance and gender. The STA reports to the MENA Department
in the MFA, but must cooperate and liaise closely with the Danish Ambassador to Tunisia,
posted in Algeria.

Purpose of memo:
This memo describes the main tasks involved in the position and the qualifications requested
from candidates to the job.

Expected composition of the selection committee:
Applicants for the position will be selected for interview by the MENA Department. Mercuri
Urval will participate in the process of appointment by conducting personality tests and test
interviews with the selected candidates, as well as taking part in the final interview. The final
interview panel consists of the DAPP team leader, the DAPP development senior advisor and
the consultant from Mercuri Urval A/S in charge of the recruitment process. The decision on
selection of the final candidate will be taken by the Ministry.

The Danish Arab Partnership Programme
For information on the DAPP programme, please visit: http://um.dk/da/danida/lande-ogregioner/mellemoesten-og-nordafrika/ and www.dapp.dk.

Title: DAPP Senior Technical Advisor (N1)
Place of service: Tunis, Tunisia
Terms of Employment according to Danida staff rules. Below non-exhaustive brief benefits:
Contract period: 2 years (year 2 is under condition of securing of funds from the Danish grant
authorities). Attractive remuneration package. Contribution to a pension, health insurance
and reimbursement of school fees. Housing will be paid.

Special conditions of the function:
The candidate:

  • Ideally has experience with implementation of programmes in the area of good
    governance, human rights and/or gender, job creation and social dialogue.
  • Preferably has knowledge of and experience with the MENA-region and Tunisia.
  • Preferably has experience with or knowledge of the DAPP programme or a similar
    (regional) programme in politically volatile contexts.
  • Fluency in French and Danish is required and knowledge of Arabic an advantage;
    satisfactory command of English in speaking and writing is a must.
  • Provide at least three references as to the suitability for the performance of duties.

Area of responsibility/tasks:

  • Overall management and administrative responsibility of the TAO in Tunis, including local
    staff management, budget responsibility and development of annual work plans for the
    TAO office, which are to be approved by the MENA department in the MFA.
  • Cooperate closely with the DAPP Senior Technical Advisor covering Morocco.
  • Day-to-day monitoring of DAPP activities in Tunisia.
  • Be the anchor for technical guidance and support to DAPP partners in Tunisia.
  • Develop analytical and strategy papers particularly as regards the DAPP in Tunisia.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of concrete DAPP activities in Tunisia.
  • Assist during preparation and conduction of visits, reviews and appraisals in Tunisia.
  • Develop project and activity assessments, documentation, grant notes and task
    descriptions for consultancies in Tunisia.
  • Report on pertinent political, economic, social and security issues that constitute the
    overall context in which DAPP is implemented to facilitate understanding and possible
    programme adjustments.
  • Supporting partners with the delivery of qualitative and timely reporting according to
    agreed formats and appropriate registration in the MFA systems.
  • Attend selected DAPP activities in Tunisia, attend steering committee meetings, ad hoc
    meetings with DAPP and Tunisian stakeholders.
  • Provide logistical support to and/or advise DAPP stakeholders in Tunisia during visits etc.
  • Assist in any practical, administrative or logistical problems for DAPP partners working in
    Tunisia. Provide advice to partners on financial and fiscal issues in Tunisia.
  • Promote coordination and synergies between DAPP partners (as well as other Danish
    activities) in Tunisia.
  • Regular contacts with Danish and Tunisian counterparts in order to promote dialogue,
    understanding and cooperation.
  • Participate in EU development officers meetings and other meetings to enhance donor
    coordination in Tunisia and gain enhanced understanding about developments in Tunisia,
    and to ensure that the Danish engagement in Tunisia complements other initiatives and
    synergies and opportunities are capitalized on.
  • Promote public diplomacy and communication work relating to the Danish engagement in
    cooperation with the Danish Ambassador for Tunisia, posted in Algeria.

Success criteria:
The success criteria of the STA will be to have firmly contributed to a relevant and
sustainable DAPP programme in Tunisia. The STA will have acted as a professional,
approachable and trustworthy advisor to the DAPP partners in Tunisia as well as have built
strong and fruitful ties with Tunisian counterparts, both in government and civil society.

The STA will have contributed to more sound and effective financial management on the part of
DAPP partners. The Advisor will also have contributed substantially to the strategic
development of the DAPP programme for better results and more impact in the MENA region
and stronger Danish-Arab cooperation.

Requirements and expectations concerning the candidates’ formal qualifications

  • Relevant education at academic level
  • Professional experience with documented results working on development programmes,
    preferably in politically volatile contexts, including programme management, project cycle
    management and principles of aid effectiveness
  • A firm understanding of civic engagement and governance. Relevant knowledge of and work experience from the MENA region
  • Fluency in French and Danish and satisfactory command of English – proficiency in
    Arabic will be an advantage
  • Management and administrative skills a clear advantage
  • Knowledge of the MFAs administrative procedures will be an asset.

Requirements and expectations concerning the personal qualifications of the candidates:

  • Ability to work independently and with initiative
  • High degree of communication skills and excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ability to develop strong working relationships internally and externally at all levels
  • Ability to work in a multi-ethnic and multi-national environment
  • Ability to keep full confidentiality about all assigned tasks and related documentation as
    well as able to exercise confidentiality, discretion and tact when dealing with diverse
    groups of people.

How do you apply:
You apply through the job posting at the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s website using the
mandatory Danida Application Form wherein reference number 2020/TUN.01 should be

Deadline for applications: Thursday 19 March 2020 at 12.00 noon CET.

Preliminary interviews and personal evaluation: 25-27 March 2020. Mercuri Urval will
conduct a personal evaluation of selected candidates.

Language test: If Mercuri Urval and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs finds it necessary
candidates may be language tested in the working language of the duty station (i.e. English).
This is not relevant for candidates whose mother tongue is the relevant language or for
candidates who have long experience working in an environment where the relevant
language is spoken.

Presentation to the appointments committee: Tuesday 31 March 2020.

Decision: A decision is expected during week 14.

Expected commencement: As soon as possible or 1 June 2020