DUF seeks consultants for publication

The Danish Youth Council seeks a team of consultants for a publication on youth-focused international partnerships under the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme.

The Danish Youth Council and its partners under the Youth Culture and Diversity (YCD) project wish to engage a team of consultants to gather best practices and lessons learned from two long-running youth-focused international partnerships in the Arab region, to inspire and guide other youth organizations engaged in or wishing to establish international partnerships.


The Youth Culture and Diversity project aims at strengthening youth participation, diversity and opportunities for youth in organizations, institutions and communities in Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt and Denmark. The project is financed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme’s Youth Innovation Grant, and is developed and implemented in close cooperation between the Danish Youth Council, KFUM-Spejderne in Denmark, Les Scouts Tunisiens (LST) in Tunisia, Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI) in Egypt and the East and West Center for Sustainable Development (WE Center) in Jordan.

The YCD project consists of two components; 1) the youth-led partnership Future Leaders, between LST and KFUM-Spejderne, which has created strong results for youth in Tunisia since its beginning in 2008, and 2) the Ambassadors for Dialogue (AFD) programme, which since 2009 has developed a unique and creative methodology for engaging diverse groups of youth and promoting cross-cultural dialogue in Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Denmark.


The intentions for this publication/product is:

  • To document the learnings, best practices and success stories that exist within the YCD project, capturing how the involved organizations have navigated through dynamic and shifting circumstances.
  • To synthesize and map different themes that have emerged in the two decade-long partnerships, and contextualise these within existing literature and theory on international partnerships and youth work.
  • To offer inspiration and practical guidance to youth organizations on how to establish and maintain international partnerships, i.e. how to deal with challenges and dilemmas that may arise along the way.

Desired Outcome:

The main deliverable consists of:

  • A final compiled document with the findings, ready to be shared with external stakeholders (i.e. youth organizations and other entities with an interest in youth volunteerism and youth-focused international partnerships).
  • Interactive supplementary product(s) to put into use by youth organizations involved in or wishing to establish international partnerships. Creative approaches to this product is highly encouraged.

Deliverables + timeline:

The duration of the contract shall be no longer than 11 months, with commencement of work from 1st of November 2019 and finalization by 1st of October 2020.

  • Concept note, research protocol and detailed work plan to be finalized by November 30th 2019
  • Summary of fieldwork in Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Denmark to be finalized by February 2020
  • First draft by March30th 2020
  • Second draft by May 2020
  • Final (designed) publication by August 2020
  • Final designed supplementary product(s) by October 2020

Scope of work:

  • Design of research methodology and workplan.
  • Review and analyze all necessary project documents.
  • Conduct stakeholder analysis and prototype testing of publication/supplementary tools with intended stakeholders.
  • Carry out field research in Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Denmark.
  • Collect, review and analyze existing literature on international partnerships and youth volunteerism in order to contextualize findings.
  • Write-up of findings in a style suitable to intended stakeholders.
  • Design of publication and production of any supplementary tools.

Desired Qualifications:

A team of consultants with supplementing qualifications working together on this product would be highly encouraged. Subcontracting parts of this assignment (e.g. publication design) is also supported. The team of consultants should possess the following qualifications:

  • Research experience.
  • Subject knowledge of youth organizations, volunteerism and Danish-Arab partnerships.
  • Background in volunteerism and youth work in Denmark and the Arab region.
  • Ability to travel to- or contract a field researcher in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan and Denmark
  • Language: English. Knowledge of Arabic and Danish is a plus.
  • Having innovative and creative ideas for the development of the final publication/product.


Please submit a 1 page presentation of skills and experiences matching the desired qualifications. The application should include a daily fee rate for the involved consultants. References and examples of previous work is also welcomed.

The application should be sent to project manager Lea Lybecker at the Danish Youth Council at lel@duf.dk. Questions regarding the assignment, the project and the organizations involved can also be directed to this e-mail address.

Application deadline: 15th October 2019